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Weight : 1 liter

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INGREDIENTS Fruit peels, jaggery, water, Neem leaves

Fruit peels Fruit peels especially citrus peels help to remove grease and grim, increases nutrients and gives citrus refreshing fragrance.

Jaggery-  It accelerates fermentation and increases good microbes which helps in cleaning.

Bio-enzyme cleaners are organic solutions produced by fermentation of fruits, vegetables, sugar, and water. These cleaners use good bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and bad odours. The bacteria do this by producing enzymes specifically designed to break down certain molecules(waste and soils) into smaller pieces.

By using this magical, multipurpose solution, you will not take care of the safety of your loved ones but also of the environment. There is an urgent need to move towards natural and sustainable living.

One of the other interesting aspects of bio enzyme is that 1 litre of bio enzyme can clean 1000 litres of water. These will be very effective in lakes if we start pouring these bio enzymes at the community level.

They are often safer for the environment and human health compared to other chemical products.

Floor Bioenzyme 1 small cup  (100-150 ml) of Bioenzyme to 1/2 a bucket of Water. Can be easily used on granite/tiles.

Caution: Avoid on marble flooring as it can result in dicolouration of marble

Tiles Bioenzyme 50 ml in 1 mug of water. Apply directly and wipe/ scrub clean; If you want it stonger you can use it undiluted
Toilet Bioenzyme or bioenzyme pulp Use undiluted to cover the entire surface, leave it for 15-30 minutes, scruble clean as usual; here if you use the pulp , it will be more effective.
Stove/ Chimney Bioenzyme + Shikakai concentrate or Bioenzyme pulp Soak Shikakai in Bioenzyme for a few days. Shikakai pods would be reduced to pulp. Use as it is for chimney/ other very dirty and greasy surfaces with warm water.                     Alternatively, use bioenzyme pulp to clean chimney and greasy surfaces
Laundry (Hand/ Washing Machine) Bioenzyme +Soapnut pods in socks (or soapnut powder in socks)  1) Use about 100ml of Bioenzyme for 1 load of Laundry in Washing machine or in 1 bucket of water; Soak for 15 min. along with water as needed and then wash as usual. This works for cleaner clothes

2) For very dirty clothes, use Bioenzyme along with soapnut, tie in socks. take 10 pods of soapnut, tie in socks and put along with rest of laundery and 100-150 ml of Bioenzyme. For collars and cuff, you will need to scrub as with any other cleaning agent.

3) You can also soak the soapnuts in bioenzyme overnight (orprepare a solution for 10days at one go) and use a little every day. See what works for you

Personal care (Path test recommended)
Face Cleaner/Toner Bioenzyme Mix bioenzyme in water in the ratio 1:2 , dab on face, leave for 1-2 minutes and wash off with water.
Bodywash Bioenzyme 50-100 ml Bioenzyme in 1 bucket water
Shampoo Bioenzyme+shikakai+soapnut

(pod or powder)

Soak shikakai and soapnut overnight in bioenzyme and use the next day. You can also boil the soapnuts before soaking. Or you can mix your regular shikakai+ soapnut herbal hair mix in bioenzyme instead of water and use.
Handwash Bioenzyme+soapnut Soak 10 soapnuts in 1 litre water. If dry pressurecook the soapnuts. Mix into a pulp . Filter and use as handwash
Other uses
Refreigerator/cabinet / Mirrors Bioenzyme Wipe surface with bioenzyme,1:10 dilution with water, directly first and then wipe clean with water.
Car First dry dust the car. Then take a clean cloth, soak up with bioezyme solution,1:20 in water, wipe car surface clean once , then wipe once more with just water
Unclogging Drains pour a cup of undiluted bioenzyme after removing all visible clogging substances from drain.leave overnigh before use.
Washing Vegetables/Fruits soak vegetables/fruits in bioenzyme and water , 1:10 ratio for 15 min. and then use.
Taps/Faucets (for descaling as well as general cleaning) wipe faucets with bioenzyme 1:5 or 1:10 dilution, leave on for 15-30 min., scrub if required and wipe clean with water
Washing machine with hard water/lime deposits for descaling the deposits in your washing machine, you can use 10-20ml of bioenzyme and run an empty cycle load (once or twice a month or lesser depending on the intensity/hardness of the water you use)
Nutrition Bio enzyme dilute 1:100(or 1:500/1000) with water and apply to soil (do atest patch to check if your plants are ok with the dilutions increase the strength) this is important as high concentration can burn your plants
Pest control dilution 1:100 with water and spray on infected areas.


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